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Manuka Honey Drops 12+ (MGO 400)


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Our Nature Raw Bee Pollen is 100% premium Western Australian natural food supplement. Bee Pollen is often referred to as nature’s ‘Perfect Food’ since it contains all the vital nutrients required by the human body. Raw Bee Pollen can be easily added to your daily regime – simply sprinkle over your breakfast cereal or add to your favourite juices and smoothies.



Product Description

Australian by Nature Manuka Honey Drops are made using pure Manuka honey with a rating of 12+ (MGO 400). The pure Manuka Honey used in these drops has been specially dehydrated and moulded to create these great tasting drops which dissolve slowly in the mouth. When you Buy Manuka Honey Drops 12+ (MGO 400) Online from us

Moreover, Manuka is the Native New Zealand Maori name for the leptospermum scoparium tree. Australian by Nature sources Manuka Honey from our own apiaries in far north New Zealand. This honey is produced by honeybees and collected from beehives located in high density, organic and pollution free Manuka Forests.

Also, Manuka honey is extremely stable and not affected by light, heat nor dilution making it very effective in many applications. Australian by Nature Manuka Honey is 100% natural with no additives. Fresh Manuka is packed in one of New Zealand’s most highly accredited facilities where it is labelled in compliance with standards implemented by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Looking for where to Buy Manuka Honey Drops 12+ (MGO 400) Online, looks no further than us.


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