Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge


  • $35.00

THC: 70%
CBD: 1%



Product Description

Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge is pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil is one of the most clean. Pure oil we’ve found on the market. Made from organic Jack Herrer flowers, it’s a sativa dominant hybrid offering an uplifting high. Looking for where to Buy Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge Online Big Ganja Shop is the right website

So, this oil is particularly high in the terpene limonene making it great for easing all types of anxiety and emotional tension. However, Best Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge at Big Ganja Shop.

THC: 70% 193.6mg
CBD: less than 1% 1.155mg
CBN: less than 1% .742mg

This is an industry leader in adding terpenes back into the oils to create a more flavorful and full spectrum experience. These are oils for the true connoisseur. When you Buy Black Label Co2 Oil Cartridge Online from Big Ganja Shop top quality is assured .


Black Label CO2 Oil Cartridges. The FlavRx Black Label line is for those who want a more potent/better tasting experience out of their vape pen. It also has 80%+ THC in each cartridge. It’s comparable to taking a dab if you get the right puff. Especially with it’s metal tip, you get a perfectly smooth hit every time.

Those who have had bad experiences with other types of oil cartridges, you won’t be disappointed with the flavor profile of a Black Label cart since all of FlavRx’s extracts are processed through a solvent-free, CO2 process. This cartridge is definitely worth the buy.




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